New impulse for glycosylation research

In 2022 Dr. Christian Büll has established his own research group at the Department of Biomolecular Chemistry. “We are very happy with Christian joining our department and with his innovative ideas to explore protein glycosylation both from a biochemical and a pathologic perspective” says Ger Pruijn.

Christian received his PhD degree (cum laude) at the Radboudumc in 2017 under the supervision of Prof. Gosse Adema, joined the Copenhagen Center for Glycomics as a post-doc, and a Veni grant subsequently allowed him to move back to The Netherlands in 2020, where he specialized himself in organoid research at the Hubrecht Institute.

Since Christian’s start early this year, two PhD students, a post-doc and two master and a bachelor student joined his group. More information on the ongoing glycosylation-related research can be found here. Christian actively participates in the Radboud Consortium for Glycoscience.



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