Related to the departmental research topics several projects are available for Molecular Life Sciences, Chemistry, Science, Molecular Sciences, and (Medical) Biology students. As a result of the ongoing research, new projects are constantly formulated. We assign an experienced supervisor (PhD student; post-doc) to each individual student.
In our work we use modern (biochemical, molecular and cell biological) techniques such as recombinant DNA methods, various proteomics techniques, next-generation sequencing, DNA and protein microarrays, eukaryotic cell culturing, RNA interference, RNA-protein interaction analyses, confocal microscopy, etc.


Mandatory course: Advanced Molecular Biology / Biochemie-Moleculaire Biologie II (NWI-BB017C)
Recommended courses: RNA Structure & Function (NWI-MOL107) and Immunology (NWI-BB019B)


For more information please contact Ger Pruijn or Els van Genne.

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