The Department of Biomolecular Chemistry is involved in a range of educational activities at the Faculty of Science (Radboud University) and the Radboud University Medical Centre. We coordinate and/or contribute to the following Bachelor and Master courses:

NWI-MOL027 DNA Technology
NWI-MOL107 RNA Structure & Function
NWI-MOL127 Biochemistry
NWI-MOL128 Essentials of Biochemistry Lab
NWI-MOL129 Biochemistry Lab
NWI-BB017C Advanced Molecular Biology
NWI-MOL410 Omics
NWI-BM004C Apoptosis
MED-BMS37 Cell death in life and disease


In addition, the department offers possibilities for internships, in particular for Bachelor or Master students Molecular Life Sciences, Chemistry, Science, Molecular Sciences, and (Medical) Biology.

For an introductory presentation of the research performed at the department see BMC department visit 2022.

The following movie gives an impression of the current lab in the RIMLS building and a somewhat more detailed explanation of two ongoing projects:

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