The Biomolecular Chemistry Department is part of the Institute for Molecules and Materials (IMM).


The department of Biomolecular Chemistry (head: Prof. Dr. Ger Pruijn) is part of the Institute for Molecules and Materials of the Faculty of Science of the Radboud University. The Biomolecular Chemistry laboratory is located in the Huygens building.



The department of Biomolecular Chemistry has a strong interest in the molecular basis of autoimmune diseases, such as rheumatoid arthritis, myositis and Sjögren’s syndrome. The research is particularly focused on the B cell response. In addition, the molecular mechanisms underlying the loss of immunological self-tolerance are being studied with a special interest in the role of post-translational modifications including glycosylation. Several autoantibody biomarkers have been identified and characterized, and these are widely applied in autoimmune diagnostics. Research at the department also encompasses protein glycosylation and the regulation thereof in inflammation and autoimmunity. The biosynthetic rules of glycosylation and interactions with glycan-binding proteins at the cell surface with focus on the sialic acids are addressed. For more information about research, click here.



We are involved in a range of educational activities at the Faculty of Science (Radboud University) and the Radboud University Medical Centre. We coordinate and/or contribute to a variety of Bachelor and Master courses. Many students perform their Bachelor or Master internship with us. For more information about internships, click here.





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