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Interactions between biomolecules play a crucial and complex role in biological systems and therefore the study of these interactions is an important part of biochemical research. Although already many techniques have been developed to study these interactions, there is a need for additional techniques, because these are typically time-consuming single interaction assays, requiring special preparations. The increasing knowledge on biomolecular interactions also increases the need for more efficient ways to study them. One example are autoimmune diseases, where the increasing number of well-characterized autoantigens and their importance for the diagnosis and subclassification of these diseases creates a need for multiplex assays that allow the identification of many autoantibodies simultaneously. The focus of this collaborative project with the Department of Bio-organic Chemistry is to develop a modular, flexible method to efficiently immobilize a large variety of biomolecules based on strong non-covalent interactions of leucine-zippers. This immobilization method can then be used to develop a robust and sensitive multiplex assay, using surface plasmon resonance imaging (iSPR) to visualize biomolecular interactions, including those between autoantibodies and autoantigens.

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