Christine Mohrmann stipendium for Cynthia de Bont

cynthia_de_bont_-_mohrman_dec2018-1Date of news: 12 December 2018

Cynthia de Bont, PhD Candidate in the Biomolecular Chemistry group, has been awarded the Christine Mohrmann Stipendium. This Grant is awarded to promising female PhD Candidates to encourage them to stay in academia after completion of their theses.

University of Liverpool

‘The Christine Mohrmann Stipendium allows me to conduct part of my research project at the University of Liverpool’, Cynthia tells radiantly. ‘My research focusses on the role of neutrophil extracellular traps (NETs) in autoimmune diseases such as rheumatoid arthritis (RA). NETs are sticky networks of DNA and proteins released in the extracellular space by neutrophils, which can entrap pathogens and prevent them from spreading. When NETs are not cleared properly, they may contribute to the induction of an autoimmune response.’

In Nijmegen, Cynthia has performed fundamental research in the Biomolecular Chemistry group which lead to a better understanding of NET formation, using neutrophils of healthy volunteers.

Translational research

The research group of dr. Helen Wright at the University of Liverpool is studying NETs in rheumatoid arthritis by proteomics. ‘Collaborating with this group will not only provide access to relevant proteomic databases, but will also allow me to use neutrophils from RA patients, which will give my project a more translational character’, Cynthia explains. Cynthia’s working visit to Liverpool will not only be of benefit to her research project, but will also extend her scientific network and international experience.

The Christine Mohrmann Grants (up to 2015, it was called the Frye Grants) have been awarded by the Executive Board of Radboud University since 1990. The Grant amounts 5000 Euros per person.


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